Generation of Vipers

KC Abbott abandons modesty for 5-star reviews

Modest? Me? About 5-star reviews?

Not a chance. Though I’ll admit to being slow about abandoning my Brit reticence. We’re taught from the cradle not to blow our own trumpets.

Anyway, now I have started blowing. Pretty loud.

I’ve created a new page on the website with some of the fantastic 5-star reviews that readers have left on Amazon. You can read them here.

And huge thanks, from immodest KC Abbott, to all those readers who took the trouble to leave reviews of ALL CATS ARE GREY. I really appreciate it and I’m delighted that you enjoyed my thriller so much.

By the way, I did notice the pleas for book 2 of the Generation of Vipers series.
It’s coming. Honestly. And soon, I hope.

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