Generation of Vipers

Prequel To All Cats Are Grey — And More

It’s been really busy since All Cats Are Grey was published back in February.

Yes, honestly! I haven’t been slacking all the time. Book 2 of Generation of Vipers is progressing, though more slowly than I’d like. That is partly because I got sidetracked.

Readers were asking for more information about the Blues and that gave me an idea. I decided to write a short story prequel to All Cats Are Grey to give readers a feel for who the Blues are and how they came to be viewed as Genetically Inferior Persons (GIPs) in the Generation of Vipers world.

If you’ve had a mooch around this website, you may have already read the GOV regulation about the treatment of Blues. How to be a non-person. Not to be helped and not to be touched, even if dead! Scary stuff.

The prequel is called Birth of the Blues, partly because I’m a sucker for bad puns and partly because it seemed to fit. Read it and judge for yourself. In the end, I decided not to publish the prequel here on my website. As I already had ideas for a few other suspense and horror stories that I wanted to publish, I decided it would be more fun for readers if I bundled them together with the prequel to make a free volume of short stories. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks. The result is Viper Venom: stories to chill the blood

And here it is.Viper VenomViper Venom is free to download now using the Smashwords button on the left. Smashwords covers all formats, including for Kindle. Viper Venom will also be available free on Amazon websites but it may take a week or so for the book to become a free download there.

If you enjoy these stories, please do let me know. I’d really like an excuse to write some more, possibly with equally bad puns in the title. Like, maybe, Venus in Blue Genes?

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