Generation of Vipers


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KC Abbott has been immersed in the Generation of Vipers world for too long and needs to share some of the darkest GOV secrets. Casey has secret links into the GOV hierarchy and has obtained some leaked material that may help to explain what’s been going on in the GOV world.

In the interests of wider public scrutiny of GOV, and in spite of the personal risks, Casey is prepared to share this explosive information. The deep-cover sources inside GOV know the risks too, and are prepared to run them, in the interests of transparency.

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Leaked material from Generation of Vipers


Material from GOV, leaked anonymously, appears on this page.

This website publishes only documents believed to be genuine GOV material.

Do YOU have GOV information the public should share?

This website undertakes to publish such leaked GOV documents, without redaction. This website will under no circumstances betray the confidence of any leaker, nor make any attempt to identify the sources of messages received.



GOV-leakers! You are heroes, providing an invaluable service to GOV-world

GOV-leaks will never betray you

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Available Material

  1. Genetically Inferior Persons [commonly called “Blues”]        022AW/01
  2. New AW Dating System [AW = After Water Wars]                   010AW/01

More material published as it arrives.