Climate change thriller sets world future on fire

Amazon Reviewers said:

Absolutely gripping. Unputdownable. Bring on the next book!

This is a humdinger of a thriller. Slick, well-paced, full of twists and turns. Kept me guessing throughout. I never knew who was going to get the drop on who, and the tension in places was almost unbearable. The final showdown had me on the edge of my seat with stomach muscles clenched. I really could not guess who would win, though I knew who I was rooting for.

This book is, quite simply, brilliant. The stakes are never less than life or death and the tension just builds from the first page to the unbelievably dramatic last scene. Fascinating, complex characters — nobody is wholly good or completely trustworthy but they all have a moral code of sorts. (I wonder whether KC Abbott knows just how sexy his enigmatic villain is?) I galloped through it — didn’t put my light out until gone three in the morning — and now I want more. Hugely relieved that All Cats Are Grey is the first of a series. This could get seriously addictive.

This had me gripped from the start – fantastic world-building and a cast of characters I know I’m going to want to stick with – bring on the second in the series!

I found this a compelling read. I couldn’t put it down. The pace of the story never lets up and the characters are all believable as human beings. The plot’s twists and turns meant there was never a dull moment. I can’t wait to read the next book.

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