Generation of Vipers

VIPER VENOM: stories to chill the blood

Viper VenomTales of the unexpected and unexplained – murder, ghosts, horror and dark deeds of the supernatural.

Plus Birth of the Blues, a short story prequel to the dystopian action thriller All Cats Are Grey. It begins like this:

Gabriel straightened his white coat and strode along the corridor as if he belonged. The laboratory complex was quiet. Much too quiet. Shouldn’t there have been machines humming, air conditioners breathing, night guards patrolling?

His footsteps rang, like alarms through silence. What if the security staff heard? Gabriel could feel his heart thumping and cold sweat on his skin.

He kept on walking steadily, neither too fast nor too slow.

Breathe. Don’t stop moving. Not far now.

The approach to the inner sanctum was exactly as it had appeared on the old plan. So nothing had changed in the years since the start of the Water Wars. Good omen? Gabriel glanced over his shoulder and bent to the first of his tasks – getting past the door lock without being caught.

The resistance leaders had said it would be straightforward. It wasn’t, of course. So much for their so-called inside information. The lock was an absolute pig. If Gabriel had been relying on the standard kit they’d given him, it would have taken him a week to crack it. Even with his added criminal skills, it was taking far too long…

If you want to know what happens next, Viper Venom is available as a free download using the links here on the website. Enjoy!

If you dare…

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