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Welcome to the world of Generation of Vipers

Viper_oWelcome to my blog and to Generation of Vipers.

If you’d like to find out more about my Generation of Vipers  world, you’ve come to the right place. There’s a GOV-leaks page here, where “anonymously-leaked” material will be posted. The first documents are available now. More soon!

Do take a deep breath before you plunge in, though.

The GOV  waters can be chilly!

For slightly less chilly reading, you’ll find the first of my short stories on the website, too.

I’m a huge Hornblower fan and this story was inspired by one of C S Forester’s novellas, St Elizabeth of Hungary, which was published in Hornblower in the West Indies. Forester’s story is about the Napoleonic Wars, of course. My spy story is set a century or so later, for the centenary of World War I. And as it’s quite long, you might like to download it to your own tablet or e-reader to read at your leisure. Just click the appropriate button and it’s all yours. Enjoy!

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