Generation of Vipers

Who is KC Abbott?

Here’s Casey’s official bio:

KC Abbott was born with itchy feet, probably due to all those generations of Irish and Scottish ancestors. Casey joined the Royal Air Force to discover the practical skills of leadership and to see the world. After Germany and Cyprus, the RAF was a bit short of overseas options, so Casey found other ways to explore Japan and Korea.

Now a civilian again, Casey has settled in the Welsh border country and travels independently. When not on the move, or writing, Casey can be found indulging a love of good wine, good food, and good company (making very occasional forays into the kitchen to try the odd experiment in cooking) or deeply immersed in a very large collection of books about the Napoleonic Wars.


KC Abbott’s books:

So far, Casey has published Book 1 of the Generation of Vipers series, ALL CATS ARE GREY, plus a short-story collection, VIPER VENOM, which includes a prequel to the Generation of Vipers series. Warning! The prequel rejoices in a bad pun for a title: — Birth of the Blues

Casey is currently writing book 2 of the Generation of Vipers series — AT THE SONJA HOTEL — and it should be available soon.



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